How we save over $1000 a year on our Cell Phone Bill


We didn’t buy the new iPhone!

Just kidding, ha!  Well, maybe not 🙂  This article is more about the phone plan savings than it is about the actual phone.  As of Nov 2017, I don’t even think you can buy an iPhone on this plan, but there are some expensive android options.

My husband and I had previously been loyal Sprint users (11 years!).  Great unlimited plans, great customer service, and plenty of phone options that we liked.  We were getting a slightly discounted rate of about $150/month for 2 lines with basically unlimited usage (that number includes insurance, smart phone fee, and taxes).  At the end of our 2 year contracts, we would always go out and buy a new phone at around $300 with a renewed 2 year contract.  Our old phone totals looked like this:

$150/month * 24 months = $3,840 for 2 years of service

$300 *2 (my husband and I)= $600 every other year for a new phone

SPRINT TOTAL= $4,440 / $2,200 per year spent on cell phones

Maybe some think this is normal and reasonable.  I felt like this was excessive.  Why do we need unlimited everything?  I always feel like we need to get off our phones and be more present in real life.  If you ate everyday at a buffet, wouldn’t you have some health issues?  Maybe an unlimited buffet of services is something marketers are working hard to get us to think we need.  I used to be just fine with no cell phones at all….or just calling and texting…..

My husband and I got to discussing and researching our options.  We looked at Cricket, Google Fi, and all the major carriers.  I had heard of Republic Wireless on a few frugal blogs, so I was really interested in trying it out.  After using it for 4 months now, I can say, with certainty, we should have made the switch much sooner!  Let me break out the numbers for you and we’ll talk in more detail about questions:

Plans starting at $15 & Phones starting at $99

We have the 1 G of data per month plan, which is currently $20 a month.  With taxes, it runs us about $24 per line per month.  Since we were going low cost, we went with a cheap Android phone, the Moto E.

With tax and fees, we spent around $125 per phone for 2 phones.

$48/month for 24 months = $1,152 for 2 years of service

$125 each for 2 phones = $250 total for phones

REPUBLIC WIRELESS TOTAL= $1,402 / $701 per year spent on cell phones

Remember that number up above for Sprint…..$2,200?  All the way down to $701?  SIGN ME UP FOR THIS! YES AND YES! That’s a total savings per year of $1,499.

Why would you not switch?

Plans starting at $15 /month & Phones starting at $99