The New Stay at Home Mom

Welcome everyone to my blog!  I’m Lindsay, a stay at home work at home mom to 2 kids.  I’ve had a dream to start a blog for many years, so it’s finally happening!

Three years ago, I was a full time working mom with kids in daycare 50 hours a week.  My heart wanted to stay home with my babies, but we found it difficult to imagine making it on one income.  I did a bit of independent contractor work for a while and finally transitioned out of office work to be at home with my kids full time.

Even though I’m home with them, I am still able to contribute a solid income to our family.  I am also able to save so much more money by having time to cook, shop around for thrifted clothes, and research cheaper options for many things we were paying too much for.

Why I’m Starting This Blog….

I think every mom should have the opportunity to do what works best for their family, whether that be working 9-5 or staying at home or some mix in the middle.  These days, many moms who want to stay home also want to (or need to) contribute to the family’s income.  I know alot of moms also want a “thing” of their own besides being mom.  It is fun to work….it is especially fun to make money!

I hope that I can share resources with you how I am able to be this modern strange mix of stay at home/work at home mom, hence the name, the NEW stay at home mom.  We are moms who manage the home, plan the playdate, figure out how to save on family needs, homeschool, and also bring in some major income along the way.  We are pretty rocking, yall!  We are the new stay at home moms <3