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There’s pretty much nothing I love better than FREE.  Even better when you get to go home with a hands on project!

My kids love visiting the Home Depot workshop every month.  Many times, my husband has taken one or both kids for a fun morning out with dad (and a little break for mom).  It’s always on the first Sat of the month and you can register beforehand on their website. It starts around 9 and ends at 12, check your local store for their exact hours.

The first time you go, you will get your own kid sized orange apron to wear and take home.  Each workshop includes a kit you build in store, a certificate, and a commemorative pin.  You sign in, pick up your kit, and open it at one of the tables.  With all the kids hammering, you can expect it to be quite loud.  Most project are fairly simple and perfect for kids and parents to assemble with a hammer and a few nails.  Once assembled, they typically get to paint their project.

The recommended age for this workshop is 5-12.  My oldest son was around 3 when he first started going, so you could do it younger.  Just remember they are using a real hammer, nails, and paint, so use your own judgement about how your child will do.


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