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I love the Y!  If you get creative with your membership, there are so many needs you can fill. Babysitters too expensive?  Don’t ever get a date night with your spouse?  Try the Y!

The Y-play in Downtown Nashville is open at 8 am on Sat.  Get your family together, if you wanna get fancy, you could pack a picnic brunch.   Drop the kids at the Y-play for your 2 hour limit and have a kidfree morning with the hubs <3

Check in at the front desk to get some racquetball equipment.  They have tons of courts so one should be available.  If you have never played or need a refresher on the rules, check here.  Make sure you bring plenty of water, you can definitely work up a sweat.

After an hour or so of racquetball, you and the hubs could sit at one of the many tables and have your picnic time alone.  You’re on a time limit, but essentially this date is free 🙂  Exercise, quality time with the spouse, free, sounds like a great date to me!

Let me know if you try it



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