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It’s no fun to spend your precious $$$ on something you will just toss away: toilet paper, paper towels, cat little, ugh.  Besides just toilet training the cat (does that actually work?!), a budgeting mama’s gotta find a cheap option for the box.

I have thought for years it was a total waste to buy so much cat little and trash these large containers over and over again.  I came across a refillable cat litter station at Petco recently…..totally genius! and super cheap!

The first purchase is $10.99 (+tax) for a 30 lb box of litter.  Each subsequent time you come with your box, it is $9.99.  The litter is decent, may not work for you if you’re picky on brands 😛  With the exception of liquidation stores, I haven’t found cat litter any cheaper!

It’s super heavy, so I usually grab a buggy when I walk in the door and refill the box inside of it.  Makes it easy to get out to the trunk of the van.

Have you found cat litter cheaper than this?  Please share your deals!


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